• iKidsCode brings game design &
    coding to kids of all ages

  • iKidsCode provides fun and engaging programs

  • iKidsCode curriculum was developed by a team of IT professional and experienced educators

  • iKidsCode provides individual and team based programs

After School Programs


Evening Coding Clubs

What is iKidsCode?

iKidsCode is an educational service that teaches key foundational technical skills including game design, coding, and robotics to children of all ages. Our primary objective is to provide a fun and energetic learning environment for our students such that they develop a passion and natural curiosity to understand “how technology works.”

Our services include:

  • After-school programs
  • Weekend and evening game design & coding clubs
  • iKidsCode camps
  • Game design and coding competitions
  • Tutoring services

By 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings

Qualified U.S. graduates are expected to fill only 29 percent of those jobs

Only 1 in 4 schools teach computer programming

Why iKidsCode?

iKidsCode serves three critical needs for our children:

  1. To teach our children how to safely and responsibly use the internet and other social media applications
  2. To ensure that our students have a healthy understanding of technology
  3. To fill a critical gap between demand in the global workforce and the curriculum the education system provides our children

Regardless of whether or not your son or daughter intends to pursue a career in technology, we believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of technology and “how” technology works especially given our reliance on technology.

We believe that exposing children to game design, coding and robotics augments their existing school curriculum, widens their curiosity about technology and gives them an advantage in being able to contribute to the changing world.

The iKidsCode curriculum is presented in a fun and collaborative environment.  Our students develop programs that they design, develop and share with other program participants.


At iKidsCode, our curriculum is designed to accelerate our students’ understanding of game design, coding, and robotics. We acknowledge that our curriculum needs to evolve as quickly as technology evolves. Our curriculum team is comprised of educators with a proven track record of developing curriculums for all age groups and IT professionals from the world’s leading technology organizations. This team approach to building and refining our curriculum ensures that our students are learning about cutting edge technologies in a format that is appropriate for their age and abilities.

About iKidsCode

When Do Programs Take Place?

Our programs occur throughout the year. After school programs run 8 – 10 weeks in duration and begin directly after school. We also offer ½ day and full day camps during the summer and school holidays. The instructor is responsible for students from the moment they check in until they are picked up by their parents.

Program Basics

We limit after school programs to the first 20 students. All of our programs are broken down by grade level. Our curriculum has been developed so that each session builds on each other. Our program is interactive and includes individual instruction, individual projects and team based projects. We strive to ensure our students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment upon project completion.

Platforms & Languages

Just like our curriculum, programming languages used will evolve as needed. However, we do leverage the following platforms:

  • Scratch Jr. & Scratch
  • Minecraft
  • HTML
  • Java Script


Our instructors are a combination of educationally trained resources and technology professionals that have worked with some of the leading technology organizations in the world including Honeywell, Intel, and privately held tech firms. Most importantly, our instructors our passionate about teaching young people and have a strong desire to promote the mission, vision and values of iKidsCode.



We signed our son Bruno up for the iCodeKids after school program because he loves video games and has always wanted to learn more about creating them. He looks forward to each class and comes home so excited to tell us what he learned and created that day. Additionally, he loves that he gets to participate with all of his friends from school. We signed him up for iCodeKids to “get his feet wet” and see if he’d really enjoy the back-end of gaming and now he’s hooked! Many thanks to iCodeKids for encouraging creativity and making learning fun.

Tori D.
My son is a high I.Q student that has had difficulty being inspired and stimulated by traditional educational models. The iCodeKids program has really motivated him to begin to expand on an already inquisitive mind when it comes to computers and technology.
Stacy S.
Great program that will prepare my child for a technology based future. Excellent instructors and involved curriculum. We love iCodekids.
Bridget H.

Our son loves the iCodeKids program with iCodeKids  He already enjoys playing video games, now he can develop his interest AND enhance his analytical and creative skills learning how to write his own code apps for the computer. The teachers are professionals in the field and encouraging with the students. Great job iCodeKids.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    We are facilitating the growth and development of the next generation of technology innovators and leaders by providing our students with the tools to think critically, design creatively, and problem-solve in ways that will empower them to make an impact on the future.

  • Vision

    iKidsCode is a leader in educating today’s youth on coding, web design, app design, and robotics while developing essential leadership skills that allow them to communicate in a competitive global market.

Leadership Team

Fran Maxwell

Founder - Read Fran’s Bio

Fran Maxwell has been working with young people for the past 15 years by developing programs supplementing and enhancing their education. Fran is a leader in a global Fortune 500 organization. Fran works with organizations on developing & implementing workforce effectiveness, talent management and leadership development strategies. Additionally, Fran has led business ventures helping organizations leverage technology to provide better services.

Fran attended Union College, where he earned his bachelor of arts in economics and received his MBA from the University of Albany.

As the founder of iKidsCode, it is my mission to ensure our children are prepared to be the workforce of the future and have a basic understanding of game design, coding, and robotics. I believe this foundational knowledge is critical to our youth given our increasing reliance on technology. We’ve developed iKidsCode to supplement a critical skill gap that our education system is unable to provide to our children.

Amy Boniface

Chief Curriculum Officer - Read Amy’s Bio

Amy has been involved in education spanning various roles ranging from elementary teacher, instructional coach, and university professor. Her passion is centered on helping teachers fully engage their students by facilitating instructional practices that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and authentic opportunities to use their knowledge.

Amy earned a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in the area of Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in reading. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University and wants to research how quality teaching serves to empower students from all walks of life to understand their reality and ultimately take action to be change-makers in our world.

As the Chief Curriculum Officer at iKidsCode, it is Amy’s mission to create and enhance up-to- date curriculum that serves to help children grasp the foundations for how technology works, while fostering their natural curiosity and understanding for gaming, app creation, and web design. Her priority is also ensuring that each instructor has the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

Lisa Huston

Advisor - Read Lisa’s Bio

As a Senior Vice President with over 15 years with a Fortune 500 financial services company, Lisa has been a leader in various areas including technology, operational risk, and operations. As a strong change agent, Lisa has led several large-scale complex IT transformational programs within infrastructure and application development. She is a strategic thinker who is results driven and action oriented.

Lisa’s ability to foster relationships and build trust with others are critical to success in the development of high performing teams. As a leader her desire to “walk the talk” has been a guiding principle in her career.

As a mother of four, Lisa has a passion for introducing technology and coding skills to children at an early age while providing them strong role models and mentors. Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders in innovation.

Michael Landers

Director of Operations - Read Michael’s Bio

Mike Landers comes to iKidsCode with a diverse leadership background ranging from Higher Education to the Health and Fitness Industry encompassing project management, business operations, and cultural development.

Mike attended Robert Morris University earning his bachelors in Media Arts and also holds a MS in Organizational Leadership.

His passion lies in leading and empowering others to identify what they are passionate about while pursuing a fulfilling life. Mike thrives in the development of business operations and creating cultures that foster a fun collaborative environment.


(Coming Soon) As we continue to create our curriculum and operational model, franchise opportunities will be available in different cities across the nation.  Our franchisees will have to be driven, knowledgeable, and passionate about creating traction in a sector that could end up being one of the fastest growing youth educational markets over the next decade.

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